The biggest joy of running your own business is independence.

Unfortunately most businesses are very dependent on some very powerful brands and suppliers.

Our mission is to help retailers become less dependent on Big Brands and Dominant Suppliers.

Hot new brands/categories

Have you noticed how the big brands are putting more and more pressure on reducing retailers margins?

Our mission is to help retailers become less dependent on Big Brands and their Dominant Suppliers. Let us help you discover hot new brands that offer better margins.

Independent Suppliers

As publisher of The Beer Book and The Industry Guide, we enjoy a very close relationship with brewers, distillers, distributors and brands.

We leverage our relationships to benefit both the retailers and the brands

Promotions & Marketing

Social Media, Marketing and Promotions is our passion.

We manage our retailers social media pages and can use them to promote our Partner brands. Check out our #PayBackTime and Loyalty promotions

Loyalty Programs & Newsletters

We can help retailers build a loyal community of fans with newsletters, social media and  loyalty programs.

Digital Marketing

We believe in finding new ways to communicate, market, sell and create communities for our clients. We help retailers and brands with their social media marketing.

Creation of Competions & Giveaways

We arrange exciting promotions & competions with our Brand Partners in your retail outlet.

Video Creation

We help you create “spontaneous” video clips in your retail location

Join us. It will only take a minute